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The non-blockchain currency empowering gaming
DexiCash empowers users across the various Dexioprotocol products:
  • GeoQuestAR Exploration: DexiCash awaits intrepid explorers. As you navigate your real-world surroundings using GeoQuestAR, uncover hidden treasures and locations, and DexiCash will be yours to claim. The more you explore, the more you earn, turning every journey into a profitable adventure
  • DexiDragons Battles: In the thrilling mobile game DexiDragons, battles aren't just about glory; they're about DexiCash rewards. Engage in epic battles, conquer foes, and accumulate DexiCash to enhance your gaming experience.
  • In-game Marketplace: DexiCash is used within the in-game marketplace as the currency to buy assets with.
  • Diverse Earning Opportunities: Dexioprotocol continually offers new ways to earn DexiCash, from completing quests to participating in community events, creating a vibrant and inclusive ecosystem.