Crypto & NFT Hunting

Collect Crypto & NFTs around the globe
GeoQuestAR is the exhilarating fusion of treasure hunting and the captivating world of NFTs and cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. This groundbreaking mobile application intertwines the physical and digital realms, offering a unique and rewarding experience. Education on WEB3 and cryptocurrency gets made easy, with every discovery you learn about the digital asset you've collected.
The mechanics are simple yet thrilling. As you venture through your real-world surroundings, GeoQuestAR acts as your trusty guide, leading you to concealed digital treasures. Every step you take, every corner you explore, holds the promise of discovery.
These discoveries aren't ordinary; they might unveil a hidden stash of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or even a trove of diverse cryptocurrencies and NFTs, waiting for intrepid seekers like yourself to claim them. The possibilities are as vast as the crypto universe itself, making this game appealing to both seasoned crypto enthusiasts and curious beginners.
GeoQuestAR isn't just a game; it's an interactive bridge between the tangible and the digital, creating an engaging and rewarding approach to the fascinating world of digital assets. As you go out to explore on this unique treasure hunt, you do not only unlock the potential for financial gains but also experience the thrill of exploring a world where the real and the digital seamlessly coexist.